Our Ethos

Sitting on Grass

We believe in Community

It's in community that we grow as individuals. Through good + healthy relationships, we 'knock the edges' off one another. We help each other to grow in wisdom through sharing our life experiences and different perspectives. 

The Vine Community aims to provide safe spaces for us to explore who we are spiritually & emotionally. That might happen when we gather socially, or when we meet with more people of our age and background around the area. It might be that you want to explore questions about life, and you want to ask and listen with others thinking similar things. Or maybe you already have faith and want to nurture it with other disciples. Wherever you are, we want to help you network with others, with no pressure! 


We believe in Unity

The Vine Community is ecumenical, we represent 5-6 different churches across the area and have the full blessing of all our local church leaders to meet, worship and help each other grow. Being from different churches might mean that we don't agree with everything that each other believes, but, we want to disagree well!  We want to model through all our gatherings that we accept each other and celebrate our differences, with respect and dignity. We think this is pretty counter cultural in this day and age, so 100% acceptance is a core value of the Vine.


As leaders, our team believe passionately in churches working together. Our leaders are all Christians, which doesn't mean we think we've got all the answers. But it does mean that we have done some spiritual searching, and we are committed to helping others explore too. 

We believe in Community with God 

As we gather and explore faith together, we believe that the Holy Spirit grows us as individuals and God's family together. 


The concept for the Vine was born from a passage in the New Testament.  In John chapter 15, Jesus describes how his disciples will only bear fruit unless they are joined with him. Jesus promises us life in all its abundance (Jn 10:10), we believe that this comes through getting to know Jesus, through the bible and with help from others.  We hope to also grow in knowing how much we are loved and unconditionally accepted by God.